Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another week gone by...

Yet another week has flown on by. Feels like I have hardly been able to get anything done with the horses as we are still unpacking the last of the boxes from moving.

I have managed to work both the horses this week about three times each which isnt too bad all things considered.

The house is almost finished. Still have a few boxes to go, but I am running out of room. I have yet to also set up my tack shed properly. It is all just dumped in various piles at present in the garage!

During the light rain that happened today, I did manage to take some photos.

This is the view from out lounge area:

These are just some of the massive gardens that we have around the house area. Last picture is of the Vegetable garden.

Our passionfruit vine and mint garden (yes the mint has taken over!):

The other side of the house and the gardens and pond leading down to the driveway:

And looking back up to the house halfway along the path:

And back down the path to the driveway, and then looking right to the (disgusting) pond):

The path from the driveway looking back up to the house:

Looking down the driveway to the road:

Looking up the driveway:

The ponies in the rain (had to include one of them!):

I am hoping that I can get my website finished this week and get all the bits and pieces done for the Stallion Parade on the weekend... Its going to be a stupidly busy week methinks...

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