Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its been a while...

Well, nothing much to really report.

I have been riding Shell Fire until I had to go and have my operation which was on the 10th of May. It went well and I am not allowed to ride for three weeks just to make sure I dont rip any stitches out!

Even though the Doctor said 3 weeks, I am going to hop on his some time this week once the worst of the weather has left us. Worst case is that if the weather doesnt let up, I will have to shove him on the float and take him round to Scott's place to use his delightful indoor arena.

On some sad news, it looks like the wonderful Jaime is leaving the country so all my hopes for another lesson are dashed. Scott assures me that he will be bringing Jaime back for clinics every 3-4 months so I had better start saving!

My next goal is to get Shell Fire out to the Kaurilands dressage. I of course missed the first one due to my surgery, but I should be in full swing for the next one which is on the 12th June.

Now I have to go and make sure I have the latest dressage test book! Its been a while since I have been in dressage competition.

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