Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kaurilands Dressage

Bit late in updating the blog about this event, but needless to say, the boy did not disappoint :-)

Event was the Kaurilands Winter Dressage. I have entered Shell Fire in the Green Horse and Purebred section top scores. I missed the first day due to my operation so I was keen to try and put our best feet forward for the rest of the series.

It was forecast to be another horrible day. Thankfully, it only rained heavily once while I was warming up. My goals for this event was to see how Shell Fire would cope with a large amount of horses moving at different speeds and in different directions all around him.
When I first hopped on him, he seemed like a fire cracker waiting to go off. His little brain was 'wowed' at the goings on! After 5min of gentle walking, allowing him to take in everything going on, he settled down into his work.

With this being my first more serious event, I was unsure how long he would take to warm up. I aimed on an hours warm up before my first scheduled dressage test.
Shell Fire worked in well and I was all set to try to do my best riding the first test, Prelim 1.3.
I entered the ring on time and was very pleased with how he went. We had problems with the transitions up into canter (something I am going to work on this Sunday with Scott) and Shell Fire keeping and eye on (and consequently his nose bent out) the white arena railing.
My marks in that test were all 6's and 7's so an improvement on the 1.3 ridden at Phillips Equestrian. I was most thrilled with the Judge's comment of "a nice combination" at the bottom :-) Score was 64.615%

It was quite a wait for my second test but luckily, seeing how the ring was empty from scratchings/people being late, I was able to sneak in early. This test was Prelim 1.2 - less movements than the 1.3 test. The test started well, but I had already felt Shell Fire start to slowly 'fade' outside the ring. Poor little pony was starting to feel very tired from his big day out. We managed to do all the movements but there was a lot of resistance to move forward and to transition to canter. Totally fine and understandable for such a young and very green horse! Marks were again mainly 6's and 7's with one 8 for the entry and three 5's. I again had the wonderful comment of "Nicely ridden" at the bottom of the test sheet. Score was 61.6678%

Overall, we came 7th in the first test and 8th in the second. A very good result and I cant wait for my lesson this weekend!

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